For a peaceful and stress-free stay in Trentino

This page contains useful information on the Coronavirus situation in Trentino and real-time updates on the measures taken by the Province of Trento to reduce risks and guarantee the health of guests and citizens.

In short:

  • Trentino is a white zone. By behaving sensibly and with a sense of responsibility, we can get back to travelling freely and enjoying the mountains, nature, and our delicious food and wine.

  • Travel between regions or autonomous provinces that are in yellow or white zones is currently permitted.

  • As of 6 August, anyone over 12 years of age may only take part in or do certain activities if they have a Green Pass (anyone who has received their first jab or is fully vaccinated, has had COVID and recovered, tested negative after a molecular test or rapid test in the last 48 hours).

  • For a safe and relaxing stay, we encourage you to observe all the good practices that have by now become familiar to us all: wash and sanitise your hands regularly, keep a safe distance from non-family members, and always wear protection over your nose and mouth in indoor public spaces.

For further details, you can learn more in the collapsible sections below about the current provisions regarding catering and restaurants, accommodation, public transportation, and how to enjoy all the leisure activities on offer in Trentino.


Attention: due to the constantly changing situation, sudden changes may be made to the regulations which may result in stricter or looser provisions. This page and the sections it contains will be constantly updated.

Last updated on: 20 October 2021

Who can come to Trentino and how
  • Trentino has been designated a White Zone: therefore, all travel to other areas of the white zone is permitted with no time restrictions or limits on the reasons for travel. Travel to areas in the yellow zone is permitted without the need to provide justification, in observance of the specific time restrictions in place for travel in the yellow zone and those which apply to travel to other inhabited private homes.
  • Everybody who comes to Italy, regardless of where they are coming from, must fill out the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form.
  • Anybody who is travelling from or has passed through a country on list C may enter Italy by presenting the EU Digital COVID Certificate, showing:
    - that they have completed their course of vaccines;
    - or that they have recovered from COVID within the previous 6 months;
    - or that they have taken a molecular or antigen swab test, with a negative result, within the 48 hours prior to entering Italian territory (minors under 6 years of age are exempt from undergoing the swab test)
  • For all those who have stayed in or passed through Canada, Japan, the United States in the 14 days prior to their entry into Italy, the rules require them, upon their return to Italy, to present a document issued by the competent healthcare authority of the country they are coming from, showing the following:

    1. that they have completed their course of vaccines or that they have recovered from COVID within the previous 6 months;

    2. that they have taken a molecular or antigen swab test, with a negative result, within the 72 hours prior to entering Italian territory (minors under 6 years of age are exempt from undergoing the swab test)


  • Those arriving from any of the countries on list D may only enter Italy by presenting a COVID-19 green certificate, or an equivalent certificate attesting that the subject has been vaccinated, and a negative molecular or antigen swab test taken within the 72 hours prior to entering Italy. In the case of people arriving from Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the islands, the swab must be carried out within the 48 hours prior to entering Italy. 
    In the event of a failure to present the documents required, it is mandatory to enter a 5-day self-isolation period and to take a molecular or antigen swab test at the end of this period.
  • Those arriving from any of the countries on list E may only enter Italy by presenting a negative swab test carried out within the previous 72 hours (this also applies to those who have completed their course of vaccines or who can present a certificate of recovery), followed by a 10-day self-isolation period at the end of which another test must be taken. It is not possible to enter Italy from these countries for the purposes of tourism.

  • Until 25 October 2021, the ban on entry into Italy from Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh remains in force, with limited exceptions.

  • Those arriving from any of the countries on list E, once in Trentino, must report the arrival in Italy to the Trento APSS (Provincial Health Services) Prevention Department, by filling in and sending the appropriate online form.
  • For more detailed information, please see the “Viaggiare Sicuri” website and fill in the interactive questionnaire, which may help to provide guidelines for your specific situation.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination | Second dose
    Italian tourists and anyone registered in the Registry of Italian Residents Abroad (AIRE) staying in Trentino for more than 14 days can get their second vaccine dose while on holiday! Book your vaccine appointment at Cup online (Centro Unico Prenotazioni del Trentino) under the appropriate section.
    Green Pass

    Starting on 6 August, anyone over 12 years of age will only be able to take part in or do certain activities if they have:

    • a Green Pass (anyone who has received their first jab or is fully vaccinated, has had COVID and recovered)
    • tested negative after a molecular test or rapid test in the last 48 hours

    This documentation will be required to take part in or access the following activities or locales as of 6 August:

    • restaurants for indoor dining
    • museums, cinemas, theatres, live music venues, galleries, libraries and cultural institutes
    • indoor swimming pools, wellness centres and gyms — limited to indoor activities
    • spas, amusement and adventure parks
    • entertainment open to the public, sporting events
    • festivals and fairs
    Covid Tests
    • It is possible to get rapid antigen tests in pharmacies and Covid-19 Test Centres listed here. Tests are available upon payment to all citizens and tourists who require one for work, travel, Green Pass, etc. They also can be prescribed by a doctor and paid for by the Provincial Health Service.

      (The prices indicated are up to date as of 5th October, and may vary based on new government agreements).

    • For information regarding swabs, it is possible to call the Ministry of Health at the following numbers:
      from abroad: +39 023 200 8345 - +39 028 390 5385
      from Italy: freephone number 1500
    • In Trentino, the freephone number 800 867 388 is active from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, holidays excluded, for enquiries about applicable regulations, protocols and travel, as well as the procedures regarding swabs, isolation and quarantine.
    Restaurants and lodgings
    • All restaurant facilities are open, both indoors and outdoors with no time restrictions, while observing the rules on distancing and the maximum capacity permitted based on the characteristics of the establishment. There is no upper limit on the number of diners per table if tables are outdoors. For indoors areas, on the other hand, the maximum limit is six per table. As of 6 August, a Green Pass or a negative molecular/rapid test is required for indoor dining.

    • The sale of food and drinks to take away and for home delivery is also permitted, without restrictions, although this must take place in compliance with the rules on packaging and the delivery of products.

    • It is possible to stay overnight at hotels and other accommodation facilities, farmhouses, private apartments and open-air tourism and accommodation sites, as well as in Alpine lodges, hiking shelters and youth hostels, while observing the relevant protocols. Green Pass or negative molecular/rapid test is not required to stay overnight.

    Lodges and Huts
    • Neither a Green Pass nor a negative swab test is required to stay overnight in Alpine lodges or hiking shelters. All hikers in need of shelter must be accepted into lodges in the event of adverse weather conditions (not just rain, but also wind, low temperatures, etc.), as well as in the evening or at night and in the event that the hiker is in difficulty or needs to rest.

    • CAI and SAT huts are unusable as they are confined spaces and are not sanitised. It is only possible to use the huts in the event of an emergency: in such cases, all hikers who seek shelter within the structure must wear a surgical mask.
    Leisure activities
    • Cultural venues such as cinemas, theatres, concert halls, live music venues, museums, galleries, libraries and cultural institutes are open to the public in a safe and restricted manner, complying with social distancing. Minimum safety distances will be required to enter museums, and for weekend access you will need to book your visit at least one day in advance, either by phone or online. As of 6 August, a Green Pass or a negative molecular/rapid test is required for entry.
    • It is possible to play outdoor sports, including team and contact sports. For individual exercise, a minimum distance of 2 metres from other people should be observed and crowded spaces should be avoided.
    • Gyms and open-air swimming pools, spas and indoor swimming pools may be used in accordance with the specific protocols in place. As of 6 August, a Green Pass or a negative molecular/rapid test is required for indoor activities, with limited participation.
    • Adventure parks are open, though booking is required and there will be a limited number of admissions to prevent gatherings.
    • Commercial activities in markets and shopping centres are open even on public holidays and pre-holidays in accordance with protocols.
    • Beach clubs and beaches are open, again in observance of the guidelines for the sector. In particular, the distance between beach umbrellas at beach clubs must ensure that an area of at least 10 m2 is left around each umbrella. On public beaches, people are reminded to behave responsibly and to respect minimum social distancing and the ban on gatherings.
    • Theme parks and amusement parks are open, subject to quotas and regulations to counter the spread of the virus. As of 6 August, a Green Pass or a negative molecular/rapid test is required for entry.
    Cable cars and lifts

    The rules for accessing the cable lifts require:

    • possession of the Covid 19 green certification in accordance with the regulations in force at the time
    • the maintenance of social distancing of at least 1 metre
    • the wearing of a surgical mask or higher (FFP2) in the common areas and during transport on the cable lifts

    Facilities will operate at 100% for chairlifts, 80% for cable cars and gondola lifts.

    Trentino boasts a wide network of local services — buses, shuttles and commuter trains — which guarantee transport within the largest towns on the valley floor as well as links between these settlements and the mountain valleys surrounded by countryside. At the moment, the local transport system operate with a number of procedures and measures in place and at reduced capacity (80%) to guarantee that its services can be provided while protecting all users.
    Useful numbers

    In Trentino, the toll-free number 800 867 388 is active from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, holidays excluded, answering questions and calls from those who need clarification on travel to and from abroad, quarantine procedures and other useful information.

    The national 24-hour COVID toll-free number for every citizen is 1500. The single emergency number 112, should be used for all other emergencies.


    What should you do if you think you have COVID-19 symptoms?

    If you have a fever, cough or difficulty in breathing or you suspect you have had close contact with a person affected by COVID-19, do not go to A&E or the medical clinics located throughout the territory! Inform management or the owner of the property where you are staying in order to contact the tourist medical service in the area as soon as possible, which will take action with the provincial body for Healthcare Services to carry out the medical examination in safety.

    A safe and insured holiday

    Prevention is always best. Insure your trip!

    Notwithstanding the delicate and uncertain times, you can look forward to your next holiday and leave your worries behind.
    You can secure your ideal stay in good time without having to worry about cancellation penalties, not even in the event of mandatory quarantine or caring for a relative up to the 2nd degree who tested positive for Covid-19.

    The insurance policy will cover you even for other unexpected events or hitches that might hinder your departure or your stay in Trentino such as but not limited to sickness, an accident or pregnancy.

    The insurance policy shall apply in the event of:

    • sickness (including Covid), covering up to a 2nd degree relative
    • job loss, furloughing, unemployment, new employment
    • the insured person being called for jury service, or as a witness or as a Justice of the Peace
    • extraordinary and unforeseeable damage to the insured party’s home that requires his or her presence
    • theft of identity documents necessary for expatriation occurring 5 days prior to the departure date
    • inability to reach the place of departure due to an accident or breakdown along the way
    • complications associated with pregnancy


    The insurance will reimburse the deposit and any cancellation penalties you may have already paid. The refund is guaranteed net of insurance excess, if this is requested.
    If you have to cut short your holiday, it will be the insurance and not the resort that will refund the part of the holiday that you have not enjoyed.

    The insurance policy has to be activated within 48 hours after your booking confirmation. Please, contact us for more information.

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